In case of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) HR process is quite often in hands of one person and untouched as the information is very sensitive with strict access control in place.
As a result, it becomes a domain of the person with all processes designed around and access to most of the sensitive and personal information limited to the person.
While this creates a form of security it also creates potential single point of failure and prevents the top management from necessary visibility and option to review the process and status of the HR affairs.
This becomes even more critical when the person in charge of your HR is to leave the organization as the processes and responsibilities cannot be temporarily handed over to any other member of the organization easily while a new person is being recruited.
In order to mitigate such risks and ensure that all HR processes and policies are fully compliant, up-to-date, documented and communicated to all employees we offer the following support:

  1. Review and documentation of the main HR processes
  2. Preparation and communication of the employee related HR processes
  3. Periodic audit of the HR affairs to confirm if all functions and compliance are followed
  4. Recommendations to improve the HR process, documentation, compliance and cost of the overall function

*The social and labor insurance administration and related advisory services shall be provided by or in conjunction with an independently operated member of the ProWorks Group, ProWorks HR Advisory Services Corporation.