Often, limited by resources and size, small companies entrust all confidential personal information including payroll and other personal data to one person in a small office creating imbalance and often conflict in the environment.
In such situation where the size and budget do not allow for a dedicated HR professional ProWorks offers monthly outsourced HR Manager services to provide HR function at a fraction of the cost of a full time in-house HR covering any or all of the below:
  • administer, manage and store our clients` confidential personal information
  • manage hiring and on-boarding process
  • manage all personal and HR related documentation
  • manage HR compliance schedule
  • manage, communicate and update company rules and internal policies
  • coordinate or provide payroll processing 
  • coordinate or provide employee benefits, both statutory and additional
  • manage employee leave and vacation tracking
  • coordinate and document employee performance review
  • manage company leave / exit
  • communicate with labor related authorities
  • prepare and maintain process documentation for all employee and company HR processes 

By outsourcing this to one of our seasoned HR professionals at a fraction of a full-time HR in-house professional, clients can be sure that all personal confidential information is properly administered, kept from reach of other staff and therefore ensuring overall balance in the office.
For example, concentrating your HR agenda to a fixed day of the week when the HR Outsourced Manager is at the office:
  • all HR related inquiries are focused to one day a week, i.e. allow people to concentrate on their work.
  • people tent to open up and discuss their concerns more openly without seeking outside council or advice when an outside expert acts as an internal HR 
  • your cost of HR is only a fraction of the full time HR
  • there is no leak of information to staff through personal relationships
  • processes are documented and ready for review and hand-over if necessary
  • compliance is up-to-date